Friday, June 27, 2008

Hillary: Promise made, and kept in Unity

Hillary and Obama come together in Unity and it's a great thing for the Democratic Party.
We're in an era when everything that is said is analyzed for an ulterior meaning and the obvious implication is discounted. But Hillary and Obama both stated repeatedly that once the race was decided, they would quickly join forces and pursue victory for the Democrats in the Fall. Well, Promise made by Hillary, and Promise Kept. This was a great day for democracy as well. Even though this election was extremely close, and there were genuine moral and political arguments (that I still believe) that support Hillary being the Democratic nominee, today we celebrate the idea that a 1 vote win or 107 vote win is the equivalent of a landslide, because either way the winner has equal legitimacy. Barrack Obama should do the right thing and select Hillary as VP. Not only is she completely qualified, it would accentuate his change message in a way not many other VP selections could, and it would show that the next 4 years won't be poll-tested. Surely there are numerous safe picks: Joe Biden, Ted Strickland, Ed Rendell, and Sam Nunn. But Democrats can sweep this election year with whomever is chosen, so the emphasis should be on what's best for the party and the nation. Hillary would show that Obama is ready to back up his change message with hard work and determination. Hillary would be a symbol to women to rise up and accept responsibility for equality. Hillary is a great spokesperson for the middle-class in the Democratic Party. Obama-Clinton 2008 is a winner.

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