Saturday, February 9, 2008

Democratic Party rules are bad for Nomination

The Democratic Party needs to assert control over the nominating process. There is too much confusion, and a lack of accountability throughtout the states. First of all, these caucus states don't allow people who aren't able to take off work or otherwise have a commitment to participate in picking the party's nominee. There is no rationale where that makes sense. Why would I have to be at a certain place at a designated time and spend 2 - 3 hours performing some ritual. Every state should have a Primary option. For those who want to caucus they can, but there needs to be a hardship exemption that allows people who can't show up that allows them to vote.

Next, the fact that the system isn't transparent in terms of how delegates are chosen. Each state has its' own rules and it is not fair to the voters that oftentimes certain areas count more than others. Also, that some votes in one district will help a candidate get extra delegates whereas in other places the candidates might essentially get the same amount of delegates even though one candidate clearly won.

Lastly, the existence of Superdelegates who taken together comprise up to 20% percent of the total delegates to the convention is not good. These are elected officials and important Democrats who are supposed to vote in the interest of the Party. Presumably to undo a "risky" choice of the voters. I disagree with their ability to vote equally with elected delegates in principle. However, those rules were disclosed earlier, and now we have people trying to minimize their role in an effort to help Obama.

The Democratic Party should devise a system that is easy to understand, and fair to the voters.
Right now, the candidates should get together, agree on the rules and finish this primary soon.
Hopefully Hillary wins, chooses Obama as her Vice President and we win big in November!

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