Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama is our nominee

Over at mydd, I explain my conclusion: (excerpt)

A few weeks ago before Super Tuesday, I honestly felt this campaign was over, and that it was a foregone conclusion that Clinton - Obama 2008 would be the Democratic ticket. I thought that based on the voting patterns coming out of South Carolina that extended into Florida. Also, because I thought the Clintons had everything under control. So much so I thought it was a good idea that Bill Clinton go back to being Presidential.
All of this was wrong. I now realize that the wave of Obama-mania has no end. Furthermore no one is willing to risk their career to stop it. That being so, I've looked at the results of Super Tuesday and the upcoming schedule.
Hillary won Super Tuesday and didn't win anything. She won California, New Jersey, Mass., and many other big states. Yet, because of the rules concerning delegate allocation, the delegate benefit in those victories was minimal.
In addition, it is now clear from the media, from the African American community, from the mainstream media, from the left leaning media, and the right wing media, that ANYBODY BUT HILLARY is worth everything to them.
Fellow Hillary supporters, it's over...

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