Friday, February 8, 2008

Democrats do a good job adding to Stimulus

The Congress passed a $168 billion dollar stimulus plan that improved on what the Bush administration wanted. The basic difference is explained below bewteen the House (Bush) and Senate (democrats):

Both the House and Senate proposals contain a combination of tax rebates or payments for individuals and families and tax incentives for businesses all intended to spur spending and jump-start the economy. But under the House plan, more than 20 million Americans living on Social Security and more than 250,000 disabled veterans would not be eligible for the payments.

This is a good place to be both in terms of politics and policy on the side of including 20 million social security recipients and 250,000 disabled veterans in the effort to help the American economy. This is an example of why having the majority matters. Were it reversed, Democrats would have complained and lost. So those of you who complain of moderates like Lieberman should remember days like today. It's all worth it.

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