Saturday, January 5, 2008

Media Narrative Declares Winner

Saves Rest of Us the trouble

Orangefur over at mydd has a good suggestion about how our friends in the press are making decisions on our behalf:

In a nutshell, the conclusion is that apparently, New Hampshire is strikingly similar to Iowa--it also has young people and old people, Democrats and independents, and some of all of these groups are college educated. Thus the outcome will be the same as in Iowa, and all the non-Obama candidates will be in an insurmountable hole with only 96% of the states containing 98% of the population to go.
Thanks for playing, Hillary Clinton. We decided you weren't likable enough. Thanks for playing, John Edwards. Actually, we never gave you a chance. Bit unfair of us, I suppose. Though it's kind of your fault for getting that haircut.Thanks for playing, Bill Richardson. Wait, did you play? We never noticed.

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