Friday, January 4, 2008

Debate Preparation

(in the first 20 minutes, if this question isn't asked, find a way to give the complete answer)

Senator Clinton, you present yourself to voters as a person of experience, do you believe Senator Obama has the experience to be the next POTUS?

Senator Obama is a good man, and ultimately the voters decide, but I don't think he has the experience necessary to be President. You know, a few weeks ago, Senator Obama attacked me saying: I had been planning years and years to run for President, while he hadn't done that. My campaign issued a fact sheet showing that in fact in 2004, 2002, 2000, in 1990's , Senator Obama had been planning to run for President and he wasn't being honest. He has since admitted to it in interviews. Now, My campaign did error however in going all the way back to his elementary school years to show he wasn't being honest. YET, the question I have for Senator Obama is: (turning to him) Senator Obama you said that your most significant experience in foreign affairs was as a child from ages 6 - 10 when you lived in Indonesia? Why is it wrong for my campaign to talk about your elementary school years, when you state that is when you got your experience to be President?

repeat 6 -10 statement throughout the debate

(If Obama brings up the apparent misstatements Senator Clinton made in referring to Gen. Musharraff being on the ballot alone-rather the parties)

Senator Obama, I was speaking in shorthand about the Pakistani political system. I knew Former Prime Minister Bhutto personally, and am totally aware of what the election meant. The parties each have a leader going into the vote, and as they vie for a majority, the people know that a vote for Her party is a vote for her and the converse is also true, .....( go on to explain the system) then. Pakistan has nuclear missles and the politics are complex, that's the reason Democrats need someone ready from Day 1 , and we can't afford to have another President who needs advisors to explain the world to him. That can lead to confusion and chaos like what we have now.

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