Thursday, January 10, 2008

John Kerry set to endorse Obama

This clearly helps Hillary Clinton. John Kerry is a part of the Democratic Establishment that is associated with LOSING. He ran a horrible race in 2004, and didn't leave a footprint on the political landscape. The vestiges from 2004 are the result of Howard Dean. Dean set the agenda and tone of the 2004 race. It was Dean that took over the party, established a 50 state strategy that is clearly paying dividends. Howard Dean is one of the major reasons Democrats now have an institutional advantage in the 2008 election cycle. Even though the Democratic Congress has a low approval rating, they are favored to win and maybe expand their Majority. John Kerry is a non-player with a barely acceptable reputation. If Kerry had endorsed Hillary it really would play into the insider Washington label. So, so far today its' a good day. Bob Kerrey for Hillary. John Kerry for Obama. A governor who won in Nebraska vs John Kerry. Case closed.

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