Friday, January 11, 2008

Krauthammer exposes Obama fraud

It took until January 11, 8 days after the first electoral activity in Iowa, and 3 days after the beginning of the vote in the 2008 election for someone on the Right to tell the truth about Barack Obama:

Charles Krauthammer:

The freest of all passes to Obama is the general neglect of the obvious central contradiction of his candidacy -- the bipartisan uniter who would bring us together by transcending ideology is at every turn on every policy an unwavering, down-the-line, unreconstructed, uninteresting, liberal Democrat.

As it can be plainly read on this site daily, I am interested in solving problems and making America and even better country. This inevitably means pursuing policies outside the realm of what is known as a "traditional liberal democrat".

Anyone honestly judging our educational system knows that it needs a radical shake-up. The politics of NCLB and tinkering around the edges keeps producing mediocrity for most, and absolute failure for many. Democrats should advocate for a completely free market-place in education where thousands of individuals compete against each other for parents' education dollars. Whether through vouchers, independent public schools, home schools, magnet schools, private schools, etc. We need the "hope" Obama talks about in action.

Similarly on other issues Democrats should seek to build a better America. We should abandon the tax and spend framework, and find ways to grow the economy to increase tax revenue. A flat tax, national sales tax, a flexible federal tax collected through private auctions of high demand/low supply items are ways to tap into the imagination of the voters. The last idea is one I've had where we essentially allow people to voluntarily pay taxes. All across the country there are items and events that are not necessary but we really, really want them. Whether its' the football playoffs this weekend, a ticket to see one of the Presidential debates, an Iphone, or something as simple as being able to go to the Division of Motor Vehicles and not have to wait in line. These are areas where the government can auction these goods/services and be guaranteed to make a profit because they are high demand/low supply. A well designed formula executed by economists could figure out how to raise trillions of dollars from the economy for taxes without the anger of the American People.

These are the ideas of a post-partisan person. I know Hillary Clinton would not support them at this point. Yet, the Clintons have a history of at least trying to reach beyond the tradional to solve problems. Obama hasn't show any urge to break with the special interests of the Democratic Party to better America. The press should demand that he offer something of substance that equals his speeches.

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