Monday, December 10, 2007

fellow dems: our party is nuts

I am a proponent of the Democratic Party winning elections so we can do what's right for America. I reject the kind of politics that tries to figure policy positions based on winning the next election. Therefore I tolerate the ridiculous positions my party takes such as:

against school choice and a true marketplace in education
in support of the gay rights agenda that is terrorizing America
campaign finance reform that attacks our freedom
rampant fear of global warming

because I'm a team player and respect that the party is taking principled positions that are/maybe unpopular in many ways and often just wrong.


why not fight on issues where we are truly on the side of the American People and happen to also be correct?

1. war funding --- either fight it ( I say yes) and be WILLING TO LOSE AN ELECTION or stop fighting it and losing trying to cater to different audiences.

2. GUN CONTROL --- If there was a rash of lead toys killing people there would be outrage. If a there was some medicine that was causing a rash of deaths, we'd ignore all of the positive applications and focus on the "killer drug". Yet mentally unstable people are attacking innocent people across the country with GUNS, and NOTHING.

As a newliberal I support gun registration, real background checks, and rules that control ownership and use similar to automobiles.

We have and should keep a 2nd amendment right to bear arms for protection. This should be subject to the same kinds of time and manner restrictions put on our 1st amendment rights.

If we made an effort to restrict guns from otherwise normal people who have shown themselves to be mentally unstable or otherwise are in volitale circumstances it would be good for America.

The truly criminal won't be deterred either way, but just check the newspapers, t.v., internet, etc. many people who use guns to kill were fairly normal and "snapped" due to stress, life circumstance, anger etc. These people wouldn't do as much damage if they didn't have as much access to a gun.

Regardless, I'm sure most Democrats elected to office are more in favor of Gun Control than I am, yet on this issue we are scared of losing power? Not by discarding notions of the traditional family, or by supporting a corrupt educational system, or by associating with extremists who make wild statements, but what the NRA will tell mainstream Americans about us?

I congratulate my party for standing on principle that can't do anything but hurt, but can you do it in areas that actually matter?

Craig farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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