Monday, December 10, 2007

NBC ignoring own results

It is a lesson in the media obsession with staying on their own message, that the NBC stations are ignoring their polls. Usually, no matter whatever else, a network will promote its' own polls as news because of branding reasons.

But for the Democratic race the NBC networks are taking a pass because the results don't fit the template at the moment.

You see, Barack Obama is supposed to be leading in Iowa and pulling away to a large lead, and catching up nationwide. But their Mason-Dixon polls show Hillary hanging on to a lead, with all the races close in all 4 early states. You might think that could spun as Barack still on the move but that was the message 2 weeks ago.

Since a few polls have shown Barack in the lead, him behind by even a point shatters the story line. Last week the DMR poll showed Obama up by 3 points. It might as well have been 15.

So its' a little soon to show Hillary up 2 points in Iowa and dismiss it.

Maybe that can be done by this afternoon on the evening shows, I'll be watching.

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