Friday, December 28, 2007

Experience versus Advisors

Benazir Bhutto's assassination is a tragic circumstance that highlights the need to have a President who can think on their own without the need for an advisors' input.

Hillary Clinton gave a detailed plan for Pakistan going forward in a CNN interview today. There were many interesting realities to note. First, Hillary was speaking in the "first person", from experience, and detailing a credible way forward for Pakistan in this difficult moment. It could be that she has advisors that help to provide factual background information, or to aid in formulating a complete strategy, but no one could doubt that Hillary was her own person. What's also true is that no one could imagine Barack Obama giving the same interview. It is not credible. It won't happen.

Joe Biden, Yes. Bill Richardson, Yes. John Edwards, maybe. Obama, Never. He is not a serious person on the world stage. He is a consultant and advisor's dream because of his blank slate.

Voters need to think if we want another President after Bush who is easily swayed concerning policy because of their lack of interest and mature outlook. Also, the media should stop playing "even handed" when the facts demonstrate that Obama and Clinton are not on the same level in foreign policy. Hillary is a leader. Obama would need to be a follower.

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