Monday, August 29, 2016

Questions for Donald Trump relevant to Black Community

1. Will you appoint more Supreme Court Judges like Clarence Thomas?

2.  Do you support the Republican laws around the country aimed at limiting access to voting?

3.  Did you support '94 crime bill and why/why not?

4.   Do you regret playing race card with ad calling for death penalty in relation to Central Park jogger case?

5.   Do you support restoring ex-felon voting rights?

6.   Do you believe Obama a natural born citizen? Did you want him impeached? Will you apologize?

7.   What's your view on affirmative action?

8.    Do you support expanding ability to sue for civil rights discrimination cases or limit the rights

9.     Did you discriminate against black renters? Why did fed government investigate you?

10.    Were you racist on 1980's? Reports say you forced black dealers off casino floor.

11.    Government: fed, state, local has been big employer in black community, will you cut government, which means cutting black jobs?

12.     Do you support racial profiling in law enforcement? Why/ why not?

13.     Why is your campaign inspiring white supremacists?

14.      Why did you retweet white supremacists numerous times on Twitter?

15.    Why would you use a shooting tragedy in black community to promote yourself?

16.      Obamacare has cut uninsured rate in black community and given many people acces to doctors, why eould you repeal this, and what would you replace it with?

17.     Do you support Hcbu's? Some whites think they're  racist

18. Do you support NABJ and other black groups? Some whites think they're racist.

19.  Your caricature of black community in front of whites was offensive, will you apologize?

20.   Should we hold you accountable for only starting outreach in last 3 months of an election and only when you're losing?

21.  Do you. Support Rooney rule in Nfl? How can blacks get more ownership in sports and the media?

22. Who are you favorite black thinkers/writers?

23.   Do you believe there is white privilege?

24.   Do you think there is a problem with police brutality? Whst would you do?

25.     If you can bring jobs to black community, why haven't you done it before?

26.    Do you support retiring the Confederate flag to museums? Whst does it mean to you?

27.    Do you think criminal justice system is biased against AA's? If so, what would you do?

28.   How do we close the enormous wealth gap?

29.   Have Republicans built a southern strategy to garner the votes of white backlash from the civil rights movement and the Democratic Party outreach to AA's?

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