Saturday, August 20, 2016

If Trump wanted to win Black votes he could...

1. make a public apology for being the leading Birther, questiioning President Obama's right to hold office. This was disrespectfull, dishonest, demagogic, and dangerous. This should be done over and over again in front of black, white, and mixed audiences.

 2. make a public apology for following and retweeting white suprecemast's and white nationalists' tweets. Unfollow all of them. And publicly renounce their support.

3. Give a public accounting of the racial discrimination cases he's been accused of by the federal government, and his racist behavior that been alleged by former Trump employees. Take questions on this from National Association of Black Journalists and black voters.

4. Explain how his pledge to put right wing judges on Supreme Court will help black voters in terms of: restrictive voting laws, affirmative action, over-policing, unfair sentencing/treatment when those type of judges are clearly part of the problem.

5. Explain his full page ad in reference to the Central Park jogger case, and how he contributed to making racial problems worse.

6. Describe how he repealing Obamacare HELPS black people, when it has benefitted them so far.

7. Explain how Republicans trying to restrict the vote helps blacks, and his victory empowering them would help. Then he can show up in the black community every week for rest of campaign and present his agenda

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