Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump: why retweet of racist makes him racist

Here's a racist online, one of many that Donald Trump has retweeted:

Here's the example of Trump retweeting this and other racists.

Yet some say a retweet is just that, not an endorsement. No ill intent.

But the reality is, Donald Trump is promoting them through this retweet.
I don't know how many followers this person had before Trump retweet but today he has
over 10K.  Yet, if Trump retweets him, his message and bio gets exposed to over 7.92 million people.
Over 700 times more people!

Everybody can retweet something by mistake, but Trump did it 3-4 times.
At the time, he stood on principle and said it wasn't an endorsement, just that he liked the message.

But the question is why racists love his message and openly promote him?  And he returns the favor unknowingly?  And now that it's known, the principle is gone? Because I haven't heard of him doing these retweets anymore.  But the cynical in me says that's because the message is out, he's gotten all the benefit he can from it, and now he's trying to change the subject.

But we shouldn't let him. And after the media glare is gone, this racist is left with more followers to spew hatred and resentment.

Trump is a racist.
He is unqualified to be President just because of that alone.  Not to mention dozens of other reasons.

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