Tuesday, September 16, 2014

research shows women the cause of much Domestic Violence

Women more abusive than men in relationships (including 40% of  severe abuse) -CDC study

Females initiate at least as much DV as males - Harvard study

Female initiation of DV is most danger to women - 2009 IPV Conference

Women more likely to stalk and abuse than men  - U Florida study

Women more likely to commit Domestic violence, studies show - The New American

I can go on and on. You can too:
Google female initiated DV.

We have so many people honestly trying to solve the problem of MALE Domestic Violence while ignoring that women are a big part of the problem.  Most male DV aren't "Jack the Bear".   Meaning most aren't initiating violence by themselves and attacking completely innocent and unsuspecting partners.  DV is a relationship problem.  Usually by both people in many ways as the facts show.  The solution is to get both men and women to stop being violent.  Only focusing on male violence as these studies show will not work and ultimately will result in more women getting hurt.

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