Saturday, September 13, 2014

Palins in a brawl - women most violent

I don't have much use for discussing Sarah Palin and her family.  But in light of the Ray Rice incident, and the general talk about Domestic Violence where the media and many men in particular seem determined to think the the problem is with MEN.  "Don't ever put your hands on a woman", "Real men walk away", etc. All the while ignoring that most DV is mutual and/or started by females.  Until women stop initiating, provoking, and continuing DV, the problem will keep getting worse.

We really should be shouting also that "real women walk away when they can", "real women don't slap men", "real women don't insult men".

Most reasonable men agree it is wrong for men to hit women. I certainly do.  Men should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Ray Rice should have been in jail and a protective order issued preventing him and his wife from contact.

But we need to admit that most DV is relationship violence that is ongoing and mutual.  Both sides need to stop the emotional, psychological and physical abuse.

Which leads me to the story  about Sarah Palin's family in a brawl.

The details I want to highlight:

After that ended, Conner, Steve, and Melissa Cleary huddled together close to Thompson, who spotted Bristol and Willow from a distance, walking straight towards them with purpose.
“They were on a b-line, coming straight at Melissa,” Thompson said.
The owner of the house, Klingenmeyer, was trying to head them off at the pass. He approached them and told them to leave. Bristol, according to Thompson and other witnesses, planted her feet, “stood straight up, brought her arm back and cold-cocked him right in the face,” Thompson said.
And then she did it again, about six more times, before he pushed her away, and she fell, and Todd appeared.
“I was thoroughly amazed at the restraint Korey showed. He’s a total gentlemen,” Thompson said.

Here's a female attacking a man.
The people at the party obviously observe the "never hit a female" line.
Furthermore, they compliment the man for not hitting her back, even though he was attacked repeatedly.

The worse part, is that there's not negative judgement in the story or from the people there on the female aggression.

THAT is the main problem with DV today.  Women get to have it both ways in society.  They are totally equal for anything good, and lumped in with the children (and not responsible) when it's convenient.

We should stop all violence, and treat men and women equal at all times.  That includes responsiblity.

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