Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scientific proof Stephen A Smith was right

Steven A Smith was suspended this week for basically saying:

1. men should never hit women (I disagree, we're all equal, You hit me, expect to get hit back)
2. women should not provoke situations where men might (wrongly in his view) hit women because the result is that they'll be hurt.   The man would be wrong, but they'd be injured.

He was lambasted for suggesting that women "provoke" men, rather than men being responsible. He in fact said numerous times that the man would be wrong.  But he wanted to hold women accountable too.  This was aided by irresponsible tweets by Michelle Beadle, who played the gender card by alluding to her former abuse, and demagoging  the issue talking about "maybe I shouldn't wear a miniskirt" and provoke an attack. Totally not on point with the discussion, but emotionally powerful.

Well science has spoken numerous times.  Here one:

female initiated violence (no matter how small) leads to more female injury from domestic violence

This research shows that out of:

violence by him only
violence by her only
violence by both him initiating
violence by both her initiating

the most likely to result in future injury to women is when she initiates and he responds.

We all can agree, DV is wrong, no matter who attacks.  As a society, we need to address women more responsibly and hold them accountable for their behavior.  Both people should be 100% accountable for their words and deeds.  In the exact same way.  Not doing so, actually leads to more violence against women.

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