Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"That" will never happen!

We have a new "itis", called "thatwillneverhappen"itis.  So-called experts in all areas of the media rushing to proclaim that something or someone has no chance.

The latest is that Alex Rodiguez has no chance in federal court to win his case against Major League Baseball and now his own players union, because Federal judges rarely if ever want to overturn arbitrator rulings in a collectively bargained situation.

They may be right, but just their certitude and the overwhelming group think is unsettling considering all the things the experts have been wrong about in the past 20 years both big and small:

^ O J Simpson - not guilty in criminal trial for a double homicide
^ radical Supreme Court
   - changing decades of gun control Constitutional law
   - changing decades of campaign finance law
   - upholding Obamacare with Justice Roberts using novel legal theory
   - defense of marriage act unconstitutional
^ A black man winning US Presidency, and he being a very liberal democrat. Some thought maybe a moderate and Republican like Colin Powell.
^ Bill Clinton being so damaged by impeachment that his public life would end after he left office. In fact in 2012, more than decade later he reached popularity highs.
^ Gay marriage is legal, internet poker is illegal
Boston Red Sox have won 3 World Series in the past 10 years.  Starting the first one down 0-3 to Yankees in a 7 game series.
^ In 2001in the aftermath 9/11 terrorist attack, and  after the nation rallied to Yankees cause, the greatest reliever of all time blows save in the 9th inning of the 7th game of world series
^ undefeated Patriots lose in Super Bowl
^ Michael Jordan returns again to play with Wizards
^ Lance Armstrong admits doping
^ After denials, and jokes made about accusation, Governor Christie of New Jersey fires staffers involved in "bridgegate"

...more to come!

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