Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boy Scouts of America lying about allowing gays

The Boy Scouts of America have tried to present a change in policy that does no harm to the successful program:

Membership Resolution points of clarification

In short, they will no longer bar children who state they are gay from being in the Boy Scouts.  While they will continue to prohibit homosexual adult volunteers.

If you read everything BSA has presented, they seem to have dealt with all the issues, and found that there's no problem having an openly gay boy in a boy scout troop.  But the facts show that they are lying:

look at their Youth Protection guidelines from the past

It includes a section called Leadership requirements for Trips and outings:

#9 Male and female youth participants will not share the same sleeping facility.
#10 (first part) Single-room or dormitory-type accommodations for Scouting units: Adults and youths of the same gender may occupy dormitory or single-room accommodations, provided there is a minimum of two adults and four youths.
#12  If separate shower and latrine facilities are not available, separate times for male and female use should be scheduled and posted for showers

And under Co-ed Overnight policy:
#3 Separate housing must be provided for male and female participants.

Now here's what is there currently:

Current Youth Protection

Missing is all the above from the past.  Which in general are gender distinctions and protections to keep the boys and girls away from each other.

Now it could be that the site was re-designed and I just couldn't find it.  Or it could be that there really isn't a policy change, but the wording or presentation is just different.

But just think for a moment.  In years past the BSA (rightfully) worked to protect the children from being in any sexualized situations or where there could be any possibility.  How?  By separating the genders that would be (presumably) attracted to each other.  So while they had prohibitions against normal sexual activity for  the boy scouts, they didn't just trust them.  They had rules.

But by allowing homosexual boys into the BSA, how could the above rules make any sense? Because now,  the group leader would be placing the boys that are attracted to other boys directly into the situations!  Whether it's sleeping arrangements or showering. 

So they had a choice.  How to make it so that homosexual boys didn't contaminate the scouting experience, the way it was assumed that having boys and girls in the same tent would?

Their solution?

Lie. Lie. Lie.  Change the rules.  Ignore the evidence. Lie.

The truth is you can't have a boy, who the only way you know he's gay is for him to tell you, then go and be in a group with other boys and not have the whole situation change.

I disagree with this whole notion for the military, and they are grown men.  Btw, do you know that one of the biggest problems in the military both before and after allowing gays in the military was sexual assaults?  Many of them male on male.  This doesn't even deal with  sexual activity that was consensual.

The BSA has no answer to integrating gays into BSA because there is none.  To lie and say nothing has changed is a part of the political correctness that has overtaken our nation.  Just stop for a moment and think of the natural rough-housing, playing around, joking, that boys do, and introduce homosexuals into that environment.  The same reason you would keep girls and boys separate, you should keep gay boys and normal boys separate. 
That means out of the boy scouts.

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