Monday, December 23, 2013

STSBW: Obamacare on track to improve healthcare for millions

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As the December 23rd deadline for American consumers to obtain coverage through Obamacare on January 1, 204 wound down,  there was good news for the Christmas season. The White House announced that in order to guarantee successful last minute enrollments, all those who attempt to enroll on 12/23 would have until 12/24 to complete the process.  Republicans and other opponents of offering healthcare to millions of Americans including those with pre-existing conditions somehow felt this "delay" was another "missed deadline".  Thousands of Americans however were celebrating the Obama administration's flexibility in enforcing the new law.  As of today, more than 5 million people have used the new law to access new healthcare benefits both public and private.  This in addition to millions of Seniors who have enjoyed preventive screenings with no copay, and saved millions overall on prescription drugs.  Those preventive screenings are now available with all insurance policies, as well as millions of young people who are allowed to stay on their parents' policy until 26.  But Obamacare's many benefits including banning insurance companies from discriminating against people who have medical conditions, banning yearly or lifetime limits on services, and numerous pilot programs aimed at improving the health care system overall, come at a price:  Higher taxes for some, disruption of current healthcare plans, website glitches, and a dysfunctional political system not focused on improving healthcare in America.  But in spite of all that, Obamacare is still on track to reform the American healthcare system, it started in 2010.

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