Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Obamacare approval up 14% in just 1 month!

Ezra KIein:

There is some good news in the poll for Democrats. For one thing, the Affordable Care Act's popularity has rebounded a bit. In November, 57 percent opposed the health law while only 40 percent supported it. Now, however, 49 percent oppose it and 46 percent support it. Being slightly unpopular is a long shot better than being wildly unpopular.

I don't know how Klein thought some other poll result was more important than this.  Everyone has agreed that the President's determination to help Americans find quality, affordable healthcare, and  to fix the broken system we had, is the most important aspect of his tenure; And we all agreed a major component of Obamacare wasn't working; then a 14% increase in favorability after working to fix  healthcare.gov  is the best news.

It could be that as more people have real interaction with the benefits, the poll numbers and politics could turn in our favor.

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