Monday, November 5, 2012

What it means if President Obama wins re-election...

1.  President Obama will be on his way to being recognized as one of our great Presidents, if he successfully institutionalizes his 1st term achievements.  This includes decimating the terrorists,  health care reform, wall street reform, immigration policy, and  gay rights (I disagree here).  In addition to a vindication of all the emergency efforts taken to save our economy: bank bailout, auto rescue, etc.

2.  Americans will have rejected a cynical political strategy by Republicans  to obstruct every major policy initiative regardless of whether they support the ideas simply for political gain.  If Republicans lose the White House in 2012, they will have forfeited a chance to have shaped legislation more their way, and lost the political battle too.  (see stimulus, health care, cap and trade, raising debt ceiling, etc.)

3..  The Supreme Court will reflect the center-left majority view on most issues as one or a few Justices are sure to retire.

4.  We will end the war in Afghanistan much quicker, and be much slower to start other wars, as it will be a last resort as it should be.

5.  The negotiations over the "fiscal cliff" will involve at least  two sane parties: the President and Senate Democrats.

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