Saturday, October 6, 2012

Is a Romney win so bad?

What would really be different if Mitt Romney won the Presidency?

*Permanent cynical campaign- cynical politics will have been vindicated and institutionalized in America.  Refusing to work with a President even when he agrees with you, refusing to detail your plans, completely misleading voters about your opponent, advocating against ideas (like cuts to Medicare) that you agree with,  etc.  While all politicians have done some of this, the Republicans and Romney have done them to such an extent, the country might only be governable under emergencies when both sides had no choice.

*Radical right wing Supreme Court- Many of the Justices are due to either to retire or leave the bench one way or another in the next few years.  This means Romney will put on more John Roberts and Samuel Alito's.  Roberts opinion on Obamacare was a radical conservative approach that happened to save his credibility with the mainstream media.  Alito has taken so many positions that easily place him with Clarence Thomas and Scalia as conservative judicial activists.  They are willing to abandon affirmative action completely, reverse Roe v Wade, invalidate environmental laws, declare money is speech and change the nature of our politics even more than Citizen's United. The exception for most Democrats (me excluded)  is that they will clearly move to the left on the issue of gay rights where the court is moving in the wrong direction towards acceptance of the radical left's redefinition of traditional marriage and values.

War with Iran - Romney will be moved by the right wing of his party to use the increased military money he seeks to strike out at Iran.  He will be at Israel's mercy since he's made such a show of how he would work
so closely with that ally.  Prime Minister Netanyahu is a hawk far to the right in israeli politics.  Romney will be a follower disguised as a leader in a war.

Millions of people will lose health care - Romney will do all can to repeal Obamacare, and not enforce the rest of it.  In addition, Republicans will not be interested in doing anything meaningful to help the uninsured.

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