Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maryland defining deviancy down with gay rights

I'm an African American Maryland Democrat.  Yes, I support President Obama and the Democrats.

But that doesn't mean I should support them when they are clearly wrong.

We need more Democrats against gay rights like me.

On Friday, many black ministers will announce their support for the gay marriage ballot question here in Maryland.

They are wrong.  They are caving into the pressure from the left wing media.
I know how tough it is to support the President and Democrats while breaking with them on such a key issue to THEM.  But wrong is wrong.

We need to build up marriage.  In fact, we need to rebuild marriage from the ruins due to decades of assault from all sides.  While Republicans and the right wing claim to support marriage their policies and politics have brought us to this point.

No party is right on all the issues.  Democrats are wrong to support teacher unions over true education reform.  Republicans are wrong on free trade, wrong on abortion rights, and wrong on affirmative action.
Democrats are wrong advocating too much government, Republicans are wrong on not emphasizing the "social issues".

Marriage is and should remain the union of one man and one woman for life.  We should work to make marriage tougher to attain, and tougher to dissolve.  Our laws, customs, and privileges should all reflect that family is important.

And it's not just for the kids. That's an easy one. It's for men and for women.  It's for law and order.
It's for the notion of stability in the midst of incredible progress.

It's not ok to be gay. It's strange. It's perverted.
Being gay is not the only strange and perrverted (and wrong) thing people do.  So we shouldn't act as though people living that way are foreign.  We all fall short of the standard in numerous ways.
The difference here is a radical political movement, that has gone mainstream to make that deviance normal.

There are people who prefer being nude.
There are people who prefer being violent.
There are people who prefer being rude.

By the way, we're all born this way (nude, violent, rude).  Yet we don't celebrate it.  We try to change, moderate it, eradicate it, tolerate it when we must.

So whether born, learned, or combo, it doesn't matter.  We need to affirm rules that define our positive selves.  That define who we are.  This must include the right to label certain behavior disgusting. Or bad. Or wrong. Or not normal.

Changing the definition of marriage is an effort to move from tolerance to full acceptance as an equal lifestyle.
Fellow Democrats you know that's not true.  Just because you're liberal, doesn't mean you accept everything that our side stands for.

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