Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's not racist...

1.  To say it is embarassing to black people to have Michael Strahan on "Live" and Nfl on Fox.  It would be fine if everyone was honest and  just say he's horrible.  But the fact that he can't speak the Engish language and has a big gap in his teeth, and no one calls him out is bad for America.  Were he white he would get his just due criticism.  He deserves it.  He should respectfully decline these tv gigs and get himself together.   But instead he's an up and coming star?

2.  To recognize that rap music/culture is devastating the black community, and making crazy, ignorant, hedonistic, criminal, and outlandish behavior the norm not only for African Americans but for America.  And that's terrible.  What's worse is that the one thing they sort of had right was the general stance against the homosexual lifestyle, but now the MSM has put so much pressure on all the big stars that all of them from Jay Z, Diddy, 50 cent on down all take pro gay rights (marriage) stances to one degree or another.  So let's get this straight (pun)? It's ok to rap about murder, theft, drugs, and have low to no morals, including mocking religion;  but the music industry draws the line at hating gays? Not for me.  I stand for something good.

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