Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fight a winning battle against gay rights

Republicans and especially Democrats who support traditional values must make the real solid case every day against gay rights and gay marriage.  In addition, there needs to be a positive agenda that moderate voters can rally towards.  Otherwise this strategy of referenda against gay marriage is doomed to fail.  Who cares if our side wins 100 straight up or down votes? If the younger generation continues to hear pro gay rights nonsense everyday on television, in the movies, in school, and civil society is devoid of positive messages about traditional values the cause is lost.  We need to make the rational and emotional case against gay rights.   There are many reasons for Democrats to be against same sex marriage.  This must be said everyday.  The ideas need to be in movies that have nothing to do with the topic.  They need to be talked about on sports shows.  In cartoons. Everywhere.  That is what the radical gay rights crowd does every day.  Men in dresses on commercials.  Promotional advertisements that attack our values for a quick 15 seconds. And so on.

We need to spark a movement against group think, and shine light on popular artists who stand for what's right.  Make it cool to be for real marriage.  We need to take a cue from the pro life crowd (I'm pro choice) they have used technology and mass media to make their case the best they can.  They too were losing years ago, and now they've fought as well as they could.

I don't want to look back in a decade, as we slowly move toward more deviance and not have tried to stop it.

This is the best country on earth.  God has blessed us with free will.  Let's use it to keep this the best country on earth.

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