Friday, April 13, 2012

This is your job? 36% success rate?

Let's judge the past 25 years of number 1 picks in the NBA draft as to whether:
9 success
16 bust

2010 John Wall - Washington Wizards.  Good player, not top pick talent, not top pick leadership
2007 Greg Oden - Portland. Even if he didn't get hurt all the time, his game wasn't at this level.
2006 Andrea Bargnani- Toronto. Who?
2005 Andrew Bogut - Utah. Seriously?
2002 Yao Ming - Houston.  Close call because of Chinese fans.  But nowhere close in basketball
2001 Kwame Brown - Washington Wizards.  part of the reason they're on the list twice
2000 Kenyon Martin - New Jersey. Better in college. Injuries. Attitude.
1999 Elton Brand - Chicago. Solid pro. Size matters.
1998 Michael Olowokandi - LaClippers. Never even close.
1995 Joe Smith - Golden State. 
1994 Glenn Robinson - Milawukee.  He was so good at Purdue. Shocked he didn't make it.
1991 Larry Johnson - Charlotte. Size. injuries. Age
1990 Derrick Coleman - New Jersey. Not mentally tough enough to be winner
1989 Pervis Ellison - Sacramento.
1988 Danny Manning - LaClippers.
1986 Brad Daugherty - Cleveland. long line of big men busts.

1987 David Robinson - San Antonio. Hard to remember that were bad, huh?
1992 Shaquille O'Neal - Orlando.  Totally dominant.
1993 Chris Webber - Orlando.  had dominant team in Sacramento that couldn't get over hump.
1996 Allen Iverson - Philadephia.  Could have been all-time great with coach who had worked with him.
1997 Tim Duncan - San Antonio. Lucked into situation with good team.
2003 Lebron James - Cleveland. Should have stayed with Cavs.
2004 Dwight Howard - Orlando. close call, but has blossomed into top player.
2008 Derrick Rose - Chicago.  won't make us forget Michael but he's a worthy top pick.
2009 Blake Griffin - La Clippers.  entertainment value pushed him over the top.  Game needs to catch up.

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