Monday, April 16, 2012

Romney hypocrisy: Welfare moms need to get a job

So Mitt Romney and Ann Romney believe stay at home moms have the toughest job?  They do important work? It's insulting to insist or infer that that is not a job? 

Well, why do moms on welfare then, even with children 2 years and younger have to get a job?

Wouldn't them doing the most important job count as work?
Why would they need the dignity of a job, when they already have one?

I hope the Democratic left pursues this hyposcrisy.  I realize the centrists in the Democratic party will shy away from debating welfare policies, but this is where we need real liberals.

I always found it shameful that Republican and right leaning Democrats insisted on welfare moms getting outside jobs rather than demanding that they be good mothers and stop the cycle of poverty.  The best thing for our society, in fact the cheapest thing for our society is for welfare moms to take care of their children.  To make sure they eat properly, do homework, have curfews, instill moral values (like going to church), and other good habits.  Then, the odds of that child needing welfare or engaging in criminal activity is severely decreased, while the hope for a good future expands.

It would shock me for the Obama team to take this approach, but they should.  This was one of the bad things the Clinton administration did with the welfare reform.  It is not good for small children to go to daycare rather than have a caring mom or dad nurture them towards success.

I would want to make sure that the parents are actually doing the above though, including requiring classes and workshops to supplement them.  Take welfare?  You've got to take parenting and budgeting classes.  Your number one job should be to be a good mom.  Just like Ann Romney.

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