Monday, January 9, 2012

Huntsman will be New Hampshire story

The media will rightfully devalue Romney's performance because he is from a neighboring state, has all the establishment behind him, and will come up a little short of expectations.

Jon Huntsman will be the story.  He will surge into 2nd place, and the media bias will promote him.
1. a bias towards having a longer nomination fight rather than a short one.
2.  a bias towards moderate-liberal sounding politicians.

New Hampshire predictions:

Romney     35
Hunstman  20.5
Paul      20
Gingrich  13
Santorum   10
Perry   1.5

Being that Huntsman has no future, Paul can't win, and the rest can't be trusted to run competent campaigns, this weak performance by Romney actually ends the race.  Hunstman's only real shot was to win New Hampshire, or come really close and then win Florida.  Americans like winners.  You can't win by losing.

Race ends tomorrow.

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