Monday, December 12, 2011

Mitt Romney misses chance to attack gay marriage

Gay veteran challenges Romney

When Romney found himself talking to two homosexuals "married" in New Hampshire, instead of vigorously defending traditional marriage and the values needed in America, he did the political thing, pulled his punches and allowed their assault on our culture to continue.

Here's what Romney and others who are against gay rights in general should have said in that situation:

I respect your service to this nation.

All Americans have the right to marry one person from the opposite gender.

It is necessary and proper for Government both at the state and federal level  to define marriage as one man and one woman, and to put into place public policies that indicate a preference for that union; as well as benefits like no other relationship.  This is good and normal.  This helps create and maintain order in society.  This provides a role model for our children.  This creates the most healthy lifestyle for all involved.

We the people through our government have the right and duty to define right and wrong.  It is an essential component of being human.  In doing so, any particular individual or groups of people won't be able to do what they want and call it "normal".  That's part of life and trying to deny it or rebel against argues against the best interest of human civilization itself.

As usual, I'd like to remind my readers:
We need Democrats against gay marriage

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