Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stephen A Smith is cool but...

his embrace of the "gay marriage" meme is disheartening.
I figure that might be a part of the ante to get on tv, however when I turn on First Take, I don't want to hear him talking about how Skip Bayless wants to marry Tim Tebow; and how he wants to marry Tom Brady.

Yeah it's funny.

But we are destroying our culture for a laugh?
Marriage has been beaten down and almost choked to death.
You can't name the last time some man joked about marrying a lady. A pretty one. A smart one. Any one.
It's 'inappropriate".  It could be sexual harassment. It is politically incorrect.

But gay inuendo? gay jokes? Fine as long as they are pro-gay rights at the core.

Sports should be about sports.
If it's going to be about culture, it should be about strengthening traditional values, and finding ways to make them better.

I support positive change to our culture.  But just because someone or some thousands or even millions say it's good doesn't make it so.

There is objective truth.

Democrats against gay marriage

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