Saturday, November 5, 2011

Republicans and personal freedom

Conservatives talk in broad strokes about how they believe in "personal freedom".  Though they don't qualify it, they typically mean in terms of less taxes and less government regulations.

But I'm wondering do they really not recognize those in their ranks who are absolutely against "personal freedom" and in favor of more government regulations?  Sure conservaties cry out against environmental rules, minimum wage laws, financial regulation, etc. but what about:

1. birth control and abortion rights
2. freedom to spend money to  play poker and gamble
3. freedom to use their drug of choice not just govt. approved ones like alcohol
4. freedom to view any art they want
5.  freedom to speak out against the military

The last one is not against the law but it is politically incorrect to speak against "the troops".

I personally don't believe we should be able to view any art we want. I support various restrictions and outright bans in many areas.

Likewise on drugs.

I am pro choice, and with personhood amendments sprouting up around America, even certain types of birth control are once again under assault.  And many on their side would do much more if they were allowed.  For instance, BYU a mormon school suspended a player from their basketball team last year because he had sex with his girlfriend.  I personally approve of the school's right to have this policy, and it's enforcement, but that's becase going to BYU is voluntary.  Given the chance many would do plenty that wasn't.

I believe in personal freedom up to a point.   As do most people.  That's why we shouldn't make grand statements about individual freedom, when almost all of us want a big government to impose what is right sometimes.  We can argue when and how, but certainly it must be.

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