Monday, November 7, 2011

Herman Cain is the new Tiger Woods

I predict the number of accusers in Herman Cain's past will exceed Tiger Woods' territory.

As of today:

#4 is scheduled to speak out

Full disclosure:

1. I generally don't agree with or like Gloria Allred because she is a typical hypocritical feminist who wants to advocate women having it both ways: equal partners with men with it benefits them, being protected and having special privileges otherwise.

2. I generally don't agree with the notion of sexual harassment as it's understood.  I'm of course against the textbook example of someone using their power as a lever to get sexual favors.  Also I am against the negative work environment meme.  But otherwise, the idea has been expanded way too far and is a tool of  women who subscribe to #1 above.


I think Herman Cain is a joke.  His policies aren't serious ones.  And if the media refuse to disqualify him, and the Republican voters keep moving his candidacy along, something must stop him; and why not a Tiger Woods- like parade of women?

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