Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gallup repeal healthcare poll: lazy and biased

Here's the letter I wrote Gallup about their latest healthcare poll showing 47% want repeal:

Your "Americans Tilt toward Favoring Repeal" of Healthcare is very misleading.  There have been numerous polls that show that 13% or so of people who want repeal, do so from the LEFT.  Meaning they support either Medicare for all or the ACA with a public option.
In your poll results 21% of Democrats favored repeal.  Surely many of them do so for different reasons than many of the 80% of republicans.
Assuming that 21% of Dems equals about 10% of the sample, and about 80% of them are criticizing the bill from the left, that leaves a Majority that wants the healthcare bill OR something more liberal.
This has been shown in many polls for the past 2 years.  For you not to research it and report is wrong and potrays and inaccurate picture.
Please include questions and analysis about people who criticize healthcare from the left versus those from the right.
Americans support Obamacare
In fact, a majority support President Obama and the Affordable Care Act, yes Obamacare.
42% support keeping the law, plus some of the independents and many of the Democrats who wanted either single payer or a public option.    Most other polls show this percent to be in the double digits.

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