Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2012 Presidential election update: Reasons Romney won't be elected

(prediction based on latest credible polls)
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President Obama  51
electoral votes 343   
Governor Romney  47  
electoral votes  195
pew: Obama  49 Romne 47

swing  states:
Miss: Romney 45 Obama 42  (Rasmussen)
Supporters of gay rights try to win on technicality, but liberal courts rules against them

safe Obama:  Cal, Col, Conn, Del, D.C., Fla,  Haw, Ill,  Me, Mass, Mich, NJ,
 NY,ORE, PENN,RI, Vt, Was, 
swing state Obama:  Iowa, Minn., NH,Nm,Nc,OH,Va, Wis

safe Romney: Al, Ala, Ari, Ark, Ga, Ida,  Ind, Kan, Ken, La, ,Miss., Mon,
Neb,ND,OKL,SC,SD,Tenn, Tex,Utah,Tex, Wyo
swing state Romney: Mo, NH
Mitt Romney has refused to defend traditional marriage.  It is an outrage.  Republicans are correct on some issues, and must forcefully advance them if they want any chance to win the 2012 election.  The radical left tried to have the gay marriage ruling of a Federal judge stand because the elected politicians of California wouldn't appeal it.  That is a ridiculous proposition.  The California Supreme Court got this one right.
Democrats should be against gay rights and gay marriage.  But my party isn't.  We are going in the wrong way.  Instead of putting pressure on mainstream Democrats to stand against gay rights and for traditional values, Romney is ducking the issue and lying about the President calling the American people "lazy".  This will be one of the reasons Romney will lose the election.  Issues like marriage and school vouchers are being ignored. They are legitimate wedge issues in the Democratic base.  If Romney and the Republicans pursued  strengthening traditonal marriage by changing divorce laws, tax laws, protecting it against radical change, and using the bullly pulpit to encourage loyalty, a movement similar to the gun rights lobby is possible.  I generally disagree with the NRA and am in favor of gun control.  But they have so dominated the debate and won on their issue that it is now rarely even debated.  Until Democrats get a change of heart, we need Republicans, even losing candidates like Romney to pursue the right thing.

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