Friday, September 2, 2011

What's the worst thing that could happen to a rape victim?

One pro-life activist says abortion

not having the child.
not the psychological damage.
not the physical harm.
not the fear of dealing with the attacker again.

This shows there are all types on every side of each issue.  This lady is a child of rape.  She is respecting her own existence, and not wanting others in similar situations to be aborted.

But really.

If we accept her logic, and make that law that would be terrible.
In addition, if that thinking stood, it would invite other equally horrible outcomes on rather unthinkable topics:

being a vigilante
medical research

From what I can tell, the Mississippi personhood amendment is slated to pass.  This could just be political theatre, with voters believing the US Supreme Court will be there to stop bad laws.  But everytime a state acts, it gives an idea credibility and new life.

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