Friday, September 2, 2011

Personhood? Really?

Mississippi Personhood Amendment

If a person as defined by law really exists at conception, and we are to treat them in a Constitutional sense just like all other "born" Americans, then everything changes.  Now right wingers don't really believe this.  They just want to ban abortions, and then move on.

But think about it.  If a person is created at conception and has 100% human rights (inside another human) then they deserve healthcare the same as everyone else.  Realizing that over 50% of all conceptions are naturally miscarried (spontaneous abortions) then that instantly becomes the #1 health research and policy issue.  Forget cancer.  We have millions of people instantly dying.  Most before we even knew they existed, between menstrual cycles. 

Taking the Personhood people seriously, we would have to find ways to identify these people before their death, and try to help them.  We would do that with anyone else.  But the point is, no one focuses on the miscarriages that happen everyday as dead human beings.  If so, we'd name them, have a ceremony for them, and respect their existence.  In addition, every embryo should get a social security number and  be eligible for government benefits and protections separate from the mother.

We would need a crusade to work towards the day that every conceived embryo is born.  This would presumably include diet, exercise, medicine, etc. all at a stage today when no one (even the woman) no there's a pregnancy.

Now, somehow we can just focus on the abortions and skip over this, but then that wouldn't be "pro-life".  That would be discarding the value of human life because there wasn't any political issue.

I'm pro-choice.

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