Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republicans use Social Conservatives

We're in a time and place in America where radical leftists are redefining marriage even further away from it's purpose and the 2012 Repubican Candidates for President don't mention it in their big msnbc debate.  Don't offer a plan to fix it. They think talking about restoring marriage is a "distraction" from the real important issues.  In fact, it took Democrat Chris Matthews to bring up anything of the sort in the aftermath during an interview with Rick Santorium.  Of course Matthews is a big leftist on this issue. (Even though on most he is a good newliberal)

People like Rush Limbaugh who have been married numerous times have gone silent on the issue.  The media is pushing their secular agenda, and the Republicans are proving that they use social conservatives for votes rather than pursuing their policies with the zealotry of "tax cuts" or "less spending".  They have been mighty creative in breaking tradition, inventing stunts, and threatening the economy over their fiscal agenda.  But when it comes to morality, "there's only so much you can do".

I'll say it once again, just as Democrats are the ones who are actually the fiscal conservatives when that is necessary, we need:

Democrats against gay marriage

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