Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Real Education reform

1. Universal vouchers/pell grants to all students to go where they please
2. Teacher bonus/student pay for demonstrated actual improvement
3. Challenge all levels of students equally including advanced students
4.  Set high national standards in all important areas
5.  Force failing schools/settings to close immediately.
6.  Fire failing teachers immediately.

If you allow freedom in the education marketplace that solves many problems.  Parents will be responsible for choosing the right situation for their child.  The government's job is to make sure there are valid choices available.  The federal, state, and local entitiies should encourage experimentation, expansion, and access to good education models without dictating how they should work.  Government should design the tests that everyone would be judged by, and the consequences both good and bad. After that watch out for waste, fraud, and abuse; then get out of the way.   In order for a school, center, parent, etc. to be eligible to receive a voucher payment they would have to demonstrate excellence and proficiency.  We should look into paying students to be great students.  It is a fulll time job to do well at school.  There should be a profit motive.  The system needs a shock.  Public schools as we understand them today should only exist for people who just love the concept and as a last resort.  We should demand that any education plan be radical.  If it's not, it won't work because the system has so much inertia.

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