Friday, September 23, 2011

Presidential Debates should be debates

These Republican debates are a disservice to the American people.

First and most of all they don't debate enough.

Next,  the moderators seem intent on asking their pre-packaged questions.

Third, the producers of the debate seem intent on steering the program towards their predetermined topics.

Let the public see an inter-change of ideas!

Let all major candidates answer all major questions and have them respond to other's statements.

With nine people on stage, there should be numerous 3-4 people debates.

Perry is the only person who believes that illegal immigrants should receive instate tuition rates, so he should debate that issue with Santorium (he did), Romney (sort of), and Bachmann for at least 5 minutes or until Perry quits. 

Ron Paul is the only person who believes we should cut defense.  He should debate that with Romney, Gingrich, and Huntsman.

Romney and Paul are the only person who believe that states have the power to impose a mandate, and how does that impact their role as potential President.  About the possible repeal and replace of the Affordable Healthcare Act?

If they're all pro-life, what about any exceptions?  What can and should be done about the million abortions per year short of Supreme Court repeal of Roe v Wade?

...and on and on.

But to have 1 question to a candidate, and then another one to someone else, unless the RULE is implicated:
Anytime another candidate is referenced they get 30 SECONDS to respond!

How can you plan this event for months and have it be so bad?

I can't get over the fact that we have redefined marriage in numerous states and Washington d.c. to it's detriment and it's not mentioned in the debate.  We let gays serve openly in the military and it's given 1 question to one candidate.

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