Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hollywood...giving liberals a bad name

We've seen endless shows promoting:

-independent women (if only they wanted true equality which includes equal responsibility for unpleasant things like protecting our nation)

-the homosexual lifestyle

-the virtue of divorce

-gun control (I generally agree)

-skepticism of religion

-a woman's right to choice an abortion (I generally agree)


-left-wing parenting styles


-the dangers of parents living through their kids

-the idea that our top goal in life is to be personally happy

-false idea that everyone's equally gifted

...and on and on.

Just in case you don't already know from a myriad of other postings:

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But for this post, imagine you left your favorite show having seen:

1. the main character having saved the family from a crime by properly using a firearm.
(even though I'm in favor of gun control)

2. a popular character changes their life and finds God. That's it. No tricks. No jokes.

3. a couple argue. The man hits the woman. He apologizes and promises not to do it again. She accepts responsbility for provoking violence within the relationship and promises to try to avoid the situation. They stay together. He changes. She changes. It doesn't happen again. They move on.

4. Parents convince their son to try a sport that they both played. He.doesn't want to. They "force" him to work at it or else he won't get allowance. He learns to love working at the sport and is on his way to being a star.

5. A nice young girl tries her best at math. She keeps getting B's. Her brother tries his best. He keeps getting A's. Parents celebrate both for trying their best and recognizing we all don't have the same skill or aptitude.

6. An Irish American family convinces their daughter to seek a Irish American man to marry instead of an African American. Not because of racism or anything negative. Because they want to celebrate their European culture and extend to the next generation without changing it.

7. A person turns down a career opportunity they've always wanted, like a job in China, to stay home and live in the same neighborhood as their parents. Sometimes life is about making other people happy, and that can make you happy.

I'm a true liberal. To me that's about being open-minded to all good ideas and making the best decisions for the most people possible.

Take #6 from above. There's everything right about wanting to preserve your family's tradition and culture. A family has a right to share and advocate this viewpoint to another member. Doing so isn't racist. I would support an Irish girl marrying a black man also, but that storyline is all over hollywood.

Craig Farmer

making the word "liberal" safe again!

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Roger said...

Good post, and you're right: most movies and television shows are predictable in that way. I'm not a big fan of politics, but it always seemed strange to me that the plot lines you've outlined only happen on HBO or Showtime shows or something you have to pay for. It's like saying, "You want some truth? You want a real depiction of life? Here you go, now pay for it!"

#6 is something I'd like to see more of. It's a shame when someone who simply wants to celebrate and enjoy their own culture is labeled a racist. It's a shame, and it's dangerous.