Monday, July 25, 2011

Republicans lie with accurate facts on ryan budget

What do you do when your political opponent lies, and gives you an accurate link that proves they are lying?

Do they think you're stupid?
Do they think you're lazy?

What gives?

The Republicans claim that $1 trillion of savings in the Reid debt plan is a gimmick because it counts money saved from winding down the Afghan and Iraq wars that are only fictional in the first place. Even though the official CBO has them in their official budget baseline, that everyone is using to talk about how bad things are.

The Democrats responded by saying the Ryan budget did the same thing. So to criticize this is hypocrisy and politics. (In addition to the fact that the CBO says it counts, and they are who counts).

The Republicans say that Ryan did no such thing
The Republican budget only used it for comparison purposes.

But sadly a look at the actual ryan budget and chart shows that the Democrats were right.

And the Republicans are either confused or lying.

The point of the chart was to show how much money the Republicans were cutting in relation to the President, and in relation to the current CBO baseline, which is the continuation of official policy into the future.

The President and Ryan both count over $1 trillion in savings from the wars. That is why the chart has zeroes for War on Terror spending. Because compared to the President there aren't any differences!! But compared to the CBO the Ryan plan saves over a $1 trillion dollars.

If the Ryan plan really didn't count the "gimmick" he would have over a $1 trillion dollars in extra War on Terror spending in relation to the President and it would be Zeroes compared to the CBO.

You can decide if they are confused or think you're dumb.

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