Saturday, July 30, 2011

Massive cuts?

The Federal government will spend approx. 3.5 trillion in 2011
The Federal government will receive approx. 2 tillion in 2011
That means there will be approx. a 1.5 trillion deficit in 2011.
Over the next 10 years the Federal government is on track to spend over 40 trillion.

The most radical Republican plan (Ryan budget) cuts 6 trillion.
The actual Republican plan (right now) cuts about 1 trillion. With a promise to cuts about 3 trillion more.

So we're looking at less than a 10% cut over 10 years, and less than 2% cut this year.

Now, we need to cut the budget big-time. We need to raise taxes big-time.
But where are the real conservatives who won't allow Republicans to act like they are budget cutters when they are trimming?

Just because Democrats will demagogue the issue and complain doesn't make a plan, a massive cut?

Democrats knew this during healthcare. There was a loud criticism of the bill that it wasn't comprehensive enough. So much so, that it undermined the law from the left. We now how liberals who are against it because it doesn't do enough, conservatives against it because it does too much, and moderates against it because there is partisan bickering.

But it was honest debate with all sides involved.

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