Saturday, July 30, 2011

Imagine: traditional marriage

What if Republicans fought for traditional marriage and against gay rights in general with the vigor they fight against tax hikes on the rich?

even against government spending? While they eventually always spend about the same amount as Democrats, they at least make the rhetorical points and philosophical arguments.

On gay rights, they just surrendered.

We have conservatives making 10th amendment debate points about how they personally are against it, but states have the right to ruin marriage by redefintion to include gays.

And of yeah, they support a federal ban, but just won't talk about it.

The first major caucus of 2012 is in Iowa (they let gays marry-unfortunately)
The next major contest is in New Hampshire (they let gays marry-unfortunately)

But we fight over taxes and spending. Not the foundation of society?

Just like it takes our party to really be fiscally responsible.
It will take our party to rebuild marriage. But the way it's going this might take a while with all the leftwing extremists we have in our party.

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