Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nuclear reactor failures bolster the Left

I am predisposed to believe that "yes we can" figure out technological problems like those associated with nuclear power. Or those connected with oil drilling in sensitive areas.

I am optimistic.

But being a true liberal, a newliberal, I utimately side with the facts.

As the nuclear disaster in Japan shows, we can't control the doomsday scenarios.
Last years, oil spill brought about similar concerns.

So all of the talk about how these industries have improved their safety records is true until it's not.

The fact is there are some who just don't care on both sides. They will at the earliest moment return to advocating for/against their natural position.

I, for one now realize the need to be cautious whenever an opposing side can present a convincing catastrophic scenario.

As of today, I say no to expanded use of nuclear power, and a closer inspection of the current use.

I support more drilling for oil through traditional means, and we should be very hesitant to employ more drastic and speculative ventures especially offshore.

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