Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Mad Man" back again

At this point I don't feel like finding out exactly what the "Mad Man" position in game theory is because I'm interested in how Republicans keep using it against Obama.

1. The Republicans stake out a radical right wing position on an important issue. They are "Mad".
2. President Obama and the Democrats call them "Mad Men".
3. Our side proceeds in offering a "moderate" and sensisble solution to the problem.
4. The public debate is between a centrist proposal and a "Mad Man" idea.

I will stipulate that I think this will guarantee the President's reelection, and that is generally a good thing.

But how is this good for the nation?

The Republicans say they won't negotiate with the President if he allows any of the Bush tax cuts to expire. Which if the stalemate continued, have raised taxes on everyone. "Mad Man".

The Republicans have proposed to turn Medicare from a safety net program with a defined benefit into a voucher program with dwindling value to pay for healthcare. "Mad Man".

The Republicans keep proposing to increase the Defense budget no matter what the cost. "Mad Man".

The Republicans refuse to raise debt limit unless Democrats follow their policies.

I guess the trick here is to fool the public with some kernel of truth, while those who really know begin to freak out.

Some might think, that Republicans aren't serious.
Others might think Obama will stop them so what the harm? They're only posturing.

But the Tea Party has been rallying Americans around these ideas for 2 years now. They've won the House and almost the Senate based on this energy.

I think it is posturing. But dangerous posturing.

President Obama made unrealistic promises in the 2008 campaign. I said so many times.
But they were positive and forward looking things. Like he was going to change the "tone".
He was going to close Guatanomo Bay.

Republicans are talking about not paying U.S. debt. Selling off American assets. Bombing countries around the world. Radical change to entitlements.

Put simply, were I the President, I'd stop negotiating.

Everytime a crazy thing was proposed, that would end the discussion.

I would propose what I thought was best, and be as extreme or more so fighting for what's right.


I will say this, I wish the Republicans would be "Mad men" and stand for traditional marriage.
Stand against the feminization of our culture. Fight for school vouchers nationwide.

Somehow they are "mad men" on issues where I support the Democrats.


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