Monday, May 16, 2011

Are there any gay marriage conservatives?

I'm 100% against gay marriage and am now against the general gay rights movement.
Put quite simply, I am against same sex marriage because it is bad for the county. It is wrong for our culture. I am offended by the notion of homosexual relations, and to build on that behavior to change a sacred institution is a bad choice. The problem is that the institution of marriage has become less sacred over the past half century, and been weakened so much so that allowing gays to marry doesn't seem important to many today.

But given all of that, what if there was a significant movement to strengthen marriage while including the gays? I would still be against gay marriage, but that would at least cause me to think. Because I'm also against the divorce culture that has become a feature of American culture.
In fact, no-fault divorce is a bigger threat to America than the homosexual lobby. The truth is the frivolous divorce mania has led to others like gays, plural marriage proponents and others wanting to redefine marriag in the U.S.

Once we accept that being "happy" is more important that commitment, than responsibility, than security, than morality, etc.; then why should one person be able to marry (and divorce) whomever they want over and over, but another person be denied that right because they are attracted to people of the same gender? The key for this argument to work is to take away the religion, the cultural significance, the dedication to what's good and right, and focus only on personal happiness.

It would be interesting for some in the radical left camp to advocate for stricter marriage rules and make it more serious while including gays.

So where's the yes to gay marriage, no to no fault divorce crowd?

It would at least force me to change my theories about this gay rights movement being about destroying American institutions and people wanting to be libertine, rather than a serious rights movements.

People's sexual behavior don't entitle them to civil rights.

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