Sunday, April 3, 2011

"More money, but grow at a slower pace"

...and so it begins. The Republicans who claim that the American people are really conservative, come up with word games to explain how they are going to cut medicare. It seems to me that if they really believed their rhetoric about how politicians who bring "small government" to the people will get rewarded, then they would proudly talk about cutting popular programs. Of course the truth is the American people are immature in that they want to receive more government benefits and pay less taxes. That's how we got these large deficits and debt. Republicans (and some Dems) rush to cut taxes and spend on the military. Democrats (and some Reps) rush to offer government services and benefits that people want. The Republican reluctance to actually cut Medicare, but instead actually spend more money on it, just not as much as was originally planned is cowardly. Once again, America needs a conservative party and is disappointed.

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