Thursday, April 7, 2011

How does liberal economics = social liberalism?

If you read publications like the, you'll find that liberal economics is more honest than conservatives, and generally better for the county.

But the problem is there is always a connection to left wing social ideology.

Just because I'm support ending the Bush Tax cuts for the Wealthy, why would that be correlated with support for gay rights? I don't support gay rights.

I am skeptical of Unions but do generally support the notion of "fair trade". Why would that lead me to side with the left wingers in hollywood?

In Washington, especially on cable news there is a cult of thinking that tries to herd anyone who has left-leaning tendency on one issue to accept the nonsense from the cultural left.

Just because I support Affirmative Action, and a vigorous EPA, doesn't mean I want offensive art to be displayed or "under God" out of the pledge.

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