Sunday, March 6, 2011

Top 5 policy items Republicans could pursue to entice open-minded Democrats away from President Obama

1. Instead of taking these radical stands to cut the budget, take hard line positions against gay rights. Refuse to fund the government unless the President keeps his word to stand up for traditional marriage both in Washington D.C., in the courts, and elsewhere. There are many Democrats who support traditional values and are against gay rights.

2. Work to propose fair-trade rules around the globe instead of so-called "free-trade". This would help promote better working conditions around the world, and higher wages at home. This is a moral values issue.

3. Propose a real comprehensive immigration bill that increases enforcement and allows a pathway to citizenship. Call the bluff of the leftwingers.

4. Offer school vouchers to middle class Americans as well as the working class.

5. Regulate the filth on t.v. The government should mandate that the ratings system be accurate and more responsible. This should include the commercials as well. There should be plenty of shows (commercials included) that an entire family can watch without being offended.

I don't expect the GOP to move on these, as I suspect our President will win re-election easily.
I certainly hope so.

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